F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Why should I buy silicone hoses?

For the best looks and performance it has to be silicone. Silicone hoses operate at much higher temperatures and pressures than other rubber hoses.


Q. What makes DP Hoses different to other hose suppliers?

Unlike other manufacturers we only use premium grade silicone rubber through-out the hose, and do not use cheaper compounds on the inside to cut costs. All of our silicone hoses are constructed to meet or exceed SAEJ20R1 Class A. To ensure that our hoses keep their vibrant colors, and do not fade over time, we use the most expensive pigments available.
We pride ourselves on giving our customers a level of service second to none. All of our staff are friendly and courteous irrespective of whether we are dealing with an individual or a large OEM manufacturer.


Q. Where are the hoses manufactured?

All our hoses are manufacture in the UK from a facility in Luton. Some of our competitors are selling Chinese or Indian manufactured hoses and branding them with their own logos. These imported hoses might be cheap, but they are not produced to the strict quality procedures that we work to.



Q. I want to buy a kit but my car isn't listed?

If your car isn't listed we currently don't make a kit for it. If you are a member of a club why not organise a group buy and we may be able to make a new kit.


Q. Can you make a special hose for my car?

Due to the way the hoses are made we can make specials but it is subject to a tooling charge, we are happy to help so please contact us.


Q. Can't you look through your tooling and match it to one?

We are happy to help with your needs and can check our tooling but we have several thousand tools so will it may take a week to check them all.


Q. If another car has the same engine will the hoses fit?

Not usually, even if the engines are the same the position of the radiator, expansion bottle, heater matrix, etc. is normally different.


Q. You don't list my car but I still want hoses.

We are working on expanding our product lines daily! Keep checking back to see if your vehicle is part of our expanding line up!


Q. How do I clean the hoses?

We suggest hot soapy water, oil based solutions such as WD40 will discolor the hose and should not be used.


Q. How do I cut the hoses?

The best way is to use a new snap off blade for cutting and a hose clamp around the hose for a straight line.


Q. Are the hoses suitable for oil and gas?

Standard hoses are only suitable for air and water.


Q. How long do the hoses take to make?

Unlike other manufacturers we carry a lot of the standard hoses in blue, red and black on the shelf.


Q. Can you make hoses in any color?

We offer a standard range of eight colors which should cover most tastes.